John Crane TYPE 502
The type 502 is one of the best-performing elastomeric bellows seals available for general service, excellent in a wide range of hot water and mild chemical duties. It is specially designed for confined spaces and limited glands lengths.


John Crane TYPE 502
John Crane TYPE 502
John Crane TYPE 502
Material used :
  • Stationary Ring (Alumina 99%/Alumina 99.5%/SiC/SSiC/TC)
  • Rotary Ring (Carbon/SiC/SSiC/TC)
  • Secondary Seal (NBR/EPDM/Viton)
  • Spring and Punched Parts (SS304/SS316)
Working conditions:
  • Mediums: Water, oil and weakly-corrosive mediums
  • Temperature: -20°C~150°C
  • Pressure: ≤1MPa
  • Speed: ≤ 12 m/Sec