Torsion Springs
Torsion springs are helical springs that exert a torque. Their ends are attached to other components. When these components rotate around the centre of the spring, they are pushed back to their original position by the spring.
Depending on the application, torsion springs can be designed to work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, thus determining the direction of the wind.

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Torsion Springs
Torsion Springs
Clothes pins, clipboards, swing-down tailgates and garage doors
Hinges, counterbalances and lever return applications
Used in electronic devices, large torsion springs used in chair control units.
Performance Factors:
Spring Rate- the angular return torque provided per unit of angular displacement
Maximum Deflection- the maximum rated angular deflection of spring before damage
Maximum Load
Wind Specification- The Wind of the torsion spring can be right hand, left hand, or double torsion