HRC Couplings
HRC Couplings offer a range of hub sizes and element selection to
meet the demand for a low cost, general purpose spacer type flexible
coupling. The hubs are available in pilot bore as well as taper bored to install taper lock bushes. They allow for incidental misalignment, absorb shock loads and
dampen out small amplitude vibrations.

Engineers may also be interested in other economical flexible couplings. More information can be found below:

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Pin and Bush Couplings
  • The installation is very easy, only a hexagon wrench is needed
  • Low on maintenance, no lubricant is required
  • It can be used in most environment conditions
  • In case the rubber element is destroyed, the cast and metal parts remain unaffected
  • Misalignment and displacements of connected shafts can be accommodated by the flexibility feature
Pin and Bush Couplings
Pin and Bush Couplings